muscle activation specialist in houston, texas
Meet Jim Guillory
Jim has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer/therapist, previously practicing at the Houstonian Club (1994-2010) and River Oaks Country Club, and has been practicing independently since 2011.

He is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, Muscle Activation Techniques, and CPR and considers himself a specialist in Human Performance and Bio-mechanics.

Jim believes in a complete health and wellness program and specializes in Bio-mechanics, Muscle Activation Techniques and exercise programs that support these modalities. His background in engineering gives him a unique perspective in applying these methods to the human body.  

As one of the first MAT Therapists in the world, Jim studied directly under the founder, Greg Roskopf.   He has performed thousands of sessions.   Jim studied human performance for years and has a vast network of MD’s, PT’s, massages therapists and Chiropractors and credits Muscle Activation Techniques as being the missing link to all of his continuing education studies.  “MAT should redefine how the healthcare industry approaches the human body and the issues of injury and pain.  I am just amazed at the results that I get everyday with people who have suffered for so long. From children to seniors, athletes to office workers, MAT can optimize performance, increase flexibility, and rid you of aches and pains.  It truly is a missing link!!”


MAT complements injury prevention and rehabilitation, pilates, yoga and other forms of exercise.

Faster recover after surgery
Prevent Sports
Improve Sports
Enhance your exercise program