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"After battling side-lining injuries for six years and having been told that if I wanted a major dance company to hire me, I had to remain injury-free so they knew they could count on me, I worried that all my work might have been for nothing. Thank goodness I found Jim Guillory and MAT. With his knowledge, I was able to immediately significantly reduce my incidences of injuries and dance pain-free.

Jim’s work is what saved my dance career and allowed me to receive my first dance contract!"

Michael Ryan

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Kristin Skarbovig

Working with Jack and MAT has been the only thing that I've found to provide lasting relief from pain. I hadn't realized that I was experiencing residual side effects from a 3-year-old car accident. I thought, hey, I went to my physical therapy, I should be back to normal now. Well, 3 years later, I started having chronic back pain, to the point where I could no longer do the things I enjoyed - jogging, walking my dog - even just going out with friends started to become difficult.

After only a few sessions with Jack, I started to notice improvements. I realized that my body had shut down after the accident, and other muscles were attempting to pick up the slack (i.e. back muscles) for my everyday exertions. MAT helps to ease and wake up those shocked, retreated muscles.

Not only does the therapy that Jack provides wake up your muscles, he also thoroughly explains what's going on, and helps you to understand how different parts of the body have to work in unison together in order to function properly.

For anyone experiencing back or neck pain, I highly recommend Jack and his MAT therapy for re-finding your motion.

Lisa Spain

It's this simple.... I was having pain that I thought was in my calf and heard from a client that Jack Guillory could help me. With Jack's knowledge of the whole body, he found that the source of my pain was from fallen arches and activated the muscles that made the pain completely disappear. He actually activated all my muscles that seemed weaker and not as strong as they should be.  

We were headed to Scotland and Ireland to play golf and I was just hoping for some type of short term fix.  I still can't explain it exactly, but this technique was the answer for me! I plan to come back for maintenance as I intend to play golf and travel for a LONG time! You rock!

Jeffrey Tapick

I highly recommend Jack Guillory and MAT therapy for treating muscle aches and joint pain. Before my first treatment with Jack, I was already familiar with MAT therapy and I was hopeful that he could help alleviate the chronic muscle aches and inflammation I was experiencing after routine workouts (running and Orange Theory Fitness). Jack's treatment really exceeded my expectations, completely resolving the issue I was experiencing (piriformis pain) in just a few short weeks, with a combination of once-a-week treatment along with exercises he prescribed for me to do on my own. I really appreciated how he took the time to explain the physiology and mechanics behind what was causing the muscle pain, and how I could strengthen and reactivate the affected area as well as the complementary muscles to reduce the pain and inflammation. Months later, I continue to work out pain-free, which I believe is a credit to the successful treatment as well as the at-home exercises which I continue to practice. I would unequivocally recommend Jack to any and all my friends who work out regularly and are looking to resolve nagging muscle/joint pain.

Lori Laxen-Brown

Activation  what…? As someone who has dealt with a long term injury, two seriously dislocated shoulders and rotator cuff damage in 1984, I’ve always looked for ways to keep my shoulders in good shape. Although I avoided surgery by  working with a renowned osteopath, my range has always been limited and my shoulders are ‘trick’ and dislocate randomly, usually at the most inopportune  times… about 15-20 times in the past 25 years. About half the time I’d end up  in the emergency room and the other half I’ve been able to pull back in,  either way painful.

I’ve developed what I called a ‘sixth sense’ regarding what I could do and  not do, and I would get a quick ‘twitch’ that alerted me to instantly stop  whatever I was doing, 95% of the time I would catch it without  dislocating.

A runner friend of mine was being treated by Jim and it sounded  interesting, so I went for a once over… the process was relatively easy to  understand, a muscle is working (active) or not…Jim found most of the  muscles in my shoulders were not working and after the first visit I found  new confidence, things like opening doors and putting on shirts all were  easier, the ‘twitch’ was really my body telling me there was no muscle to  back up the move I was trying to do. It’s not perfect, but I can now do the  ‘touchdown’ signal, which I could never do before. I also am a stomach  sleeper and always like my arms up under my pillow, before I could only do  this for a few minutes before the ‘twitch’, but now can sleep with my arms up  all night without a problem. 

I’m also a runner and started having a hip ache that no amount of  stretching could get rid of; turns out I sit more to one side while working  on the computer, which is most of the day. Sure enough, when Jim checked it  out, many of the muscles had gone ‘inactive’ due to this poor posture. Jim  was able to put me back in working shape.  I guess I’d have to say that like anything mechanical the body gets  ‘unaligned’ and needs to be tuned up, especially after injury or serious athletics. I’ve sent my father, with a hip replacement and my mother, with a severe shoulder fracture (post-op), to Jim and seen both of them noticeably improve.

Thanks Jim!

Bethany Hughes

I run  a small fitness business specializing in women’s boot camps. As a result, I  participate in some of the classes per week. At the beginning, I was running, lifting weights and taking 6 classes a week. My hip began to bother me and my  first thought was to slow down. I also was told to give it a rest. Weeks dragged on and my hip felt no better. I ran into a friend at the gym who told  me that she too had had a problem similar to mine and asked if I had tried  MAT. I had never even heard of MAT and she said, “I don’t know how it works,  but trust me….IT DOES!”

I finally made the time to make an appointment with Jim Guillory who  quickly told me that that area had shut down. In other words, when an area of  the body is hurt, the muscles around that muscle shut down to protect it  (layman terms here!). He also found, by the way, a few other areas on my body  needing attention. All I know is that when I stepped off the table, my pain  was lessened. I went back a couple of times and Jim finished by giving me  some exercises to strengthen that area. When (and that is key!) I do them, no  problems…but I tend to let them go and occasionally see who reminds me to  keep at it. Overtime with as much physical exercise as I do, other issues  have arisen. It can’t be that I am in my 40’s...but perhaps that plays into  the equation! All I know is that when i finish a session, I feel 20 again.  That is more valuable than anything. I even asked for an MAT session for  Valentine’s Day from my husband!

I can also say that Jim has helped both my children immeasurably. I have a  daughter who played select soccer. She did so for years with no issues. When, however, she picked up cross country in the same season, coupled with a  growth spurt, her feet were in such pain, she couldn’t run. Here is an 11  year old with pain so bad (and she is a tough girl) she was crying. After a  pediatrician, Orthopedic, Podiatrist, Orthotics AND a sports medicine  pediatric doctor and lots of good advice, I took her to Jim Guillory. She  resisted until she too stepped off the table and said, “Mom, I thought you  were crazy but it really works!” She saw Jim about 4 to 6 more times and the  situation was completely resolved. About that time my son, who was probably  tired of hearing us brag about it, asked if he too could try. While nothing  was really wrong, I relented. Let’s just say, that 3 years later, both kids  and I have regular appointments with Jim. Oh, nothing is wrong, sometimes Jim  finds couple of things to tweak here and there, but I use Jim as a preventive  treatment. Before something MAJOR goes wrong, he keeps all our muscles  activated and working. Lest you think I am nuts, I have sent about 30 friends  and family members to Jim. All have thanked me and plan to use him again if  there are problems! You may need Jim once (if you are young!) but you may  need him to see you a few times too. Jim is one of the most honest and caring  people and I cannot say enough nice things about his skills, but also as a  person.

Stef Levy

My  name is Stef Levy and I am a wife and stay at home mom of two boys, 14 and  12. In the past I use to play tennis, run and workout with weights three  times a week until I hurt my lower back 6 years ago. I had tried extensive  physical therapy, ultrasounds, several chiropractors, acupuncture even pain  injections which all eliminated the pain temporarily but nothing solved the  underlying problem. After just one session with Jim the sharp pain was  lessened dramatically as well as other minor injuries I had learned to live  with. I saw Jim several more times at regular intervals to focus on what had  been causing the pain all with great results. I now can go extended periods  of time pain free and only when I go beyond my normal activity level, i.e.  playing tennis 2 times in one day or rearranging furniture alone, do I call  Jim for a readjustment. The best part about these visits is they use to be  quite often when as soon as I tweaked my back the hurt muscle would immediately take over and begin to stab me but with each visit I can push  myself more without causing the old injury to reappear. I recently had foot  surgery and was concerned it would cause my back to flare up. Fortunately  with only one visit as well as constantly hearing Jim’s voice in my head, telling me not to overcompensate when I walk, my recovery has been spot on.

Both of my boys have also seen Jim. The 14 year old after being slashed  with a lacrosse stick in the calf causing a deep tissue bruise and was  limping for over a week. As a result it also caused his ankle to swell up  abnormally large so I called Jim. Not only did he help the recovery of the  calf he helped reduce the swelling of the ankle so as not to cause any future  problems. My 12 year old suffered from Osgood Schlatters, which effects most  active growing children, with swelling below the knee and pain whenever they  run or jump. Of course he would not stop doing either of these but after  seeing Jim and concentrating on getting the swelling down in a few days it  has never reappeared. Several of my childrens’ friends have seen Jim work on  me and have had their parents contact him for their own reoccurring sports  injuries.

I still feel a slight twinge in my back, when the weather changes or I start behaving like a 20 year old, but a simple visit with Jim and the pain is gone.

Stephen M. Trauber

Jim: I  just wanted to email you and once again thank you for the your help on my  back/sciatica. I was literally a couple weeks away from surgery due to the  intense pain and inability to relieve it. Since working with you I have no  back pain, I run, golf and play one-on-one basketball with my son with no  issues and no pain. I was hugely skeptical that a few pressure points could  relieve the months of pain that I had been in but sure enough it did. Thank you!

Andy Lane

My fitness trainer recommended me to Jim, as a result of shoulder weakness, due to polio contracted at childhood. Jim as taken me from 60% muscle activation in my upper body to an activation level of at least 90%. In a few more  sessions, I should be close to 100%. I feel better and can absolutely feel the strength improvement in my workouts.

Once I get to a normal level, I plan to use MAT once a month to stay tuned  and aware of muscle weaknesses.

Eric Feighl

I am an insurance agent and spend a lot of time behind a desk. I work out as often  as possible but always end up banging myself up. 

When I first came to see Jim, I had terrible lower back pain and countless  lower extremity issues.  Jim straightened me out and I have had very little lower back pain. I’ve found that going in every couple of months for maintenance to be the best for  my situation.

I’ll always keep Jim’s number. MAT has changed the way I treat my physical ailments.

Ellen Ecker

In  late 2007 a disc in my back between L4 and L5 slipped and caused  pain running down the back of my leg through my sciatic nerve. I  was unable to even sit long enough in my car to drive home from working as a  commercial real estate broker in downtown Houston during rush hour  traffic having to pull off the road get out of the car and stand up to be  able to continue the ride home. I also was unable to sit in the movies and  had to stand next to the balcony during an entire movie. This took me on a  long odyssey of trying to rid myself of this kind of pain and discomfort.  This started with steroid injections in my back by a well-known orthopedic surgeon in Houston which unfortunately were unsuccessful. I wound  up in New York City having a non-surgical procedure with Dr. Norman Marcus which relieved most of it but I was not totally over the  hump yet. I went to see my general practitioner for another reason  and mentioned the problems I'd been having with my back. He gave me  a series of stretching exercises that I continue to do today. Again,  that relieved more of my pain and discomfort but I wasn't home free  yet. That's when a friend of mine mentioned she had Jim do the MAT  (Muscle Activation Technique) procedure on her for discomfort she  was experiencing and she said she got relief so I called Jim and set up  an appointment to have the MAT done to me. This finally gave me total relief  from the pain and discomfort I'd been suffering for 1 and 1/2 years. What  surprised me was that it seemed like he wasn't doing much but applying  slight pressure to a particular spot and somehow you got relief. Any aches  and pains I've gotten since I immediately called Jim to have MAT and get  relief. This can be as mundane as stressing various muscles throughout  my body by simply wearing "high heels", as Jim has discovered  and told me, a common female malady.         

I wish I had known about MAT before I went through the arduous process of getting relief. I truly believe I probably would have been cured a lot sooner and not had to go through so many  steps to get there.

I highly recommend MAT with Jim. 

Cynthia Brown

My name is Cynthia Brown and I am 62 years old.  I have used Jim Guillory  for 16 years and his MAT has been a lifesaver for me.  I play tennis,  work out, and am an active volunteer in many projects and need to keep in  good shape for this.  I had Jim use MAT on many occasions when I had a  knee, hip, or back problem, but his MAT on my shoulder has proven to me MAT  works.  I had shoulder surgery and was in rehabilitation for almost two months and was still in pain and could not lift my arm pass my  shoulder.  I called Jim and within two weeks he had me lifting my arm  pass my shoulder and almost straight up and my pain was gone. 

Jim is a very caring and dedicated person and I will continue to use Jim and this technique as it works so well for me. 

Kay Gregg

Jim and MAT are the best! I suffered from weakness  I could not explain that was effecting normal activity as well as my exercise routine. Several sessions with Jim and I was a new person. I now go to Jim only when I need an adjustment.

Melinda Hamidian

My name is Melinda Hamidian and I want to inform all about how MAT changed my life physically and mentally! I have not only played soccer for 23 years but I have loved this game for just as long. I play the game passionately, competitively and always strive to be the best athlete I can be.

I've been blessed to never encounter any serious injuries over the years, except for minor ankle sprains. But, recently I pulled my hip flexor and weeks later I pulled my groin. The thought of not being able to play devastated me more and more as weeks went by. As a hairdresser without health insurance, I felt like my back was against the wall when it came to asking for any help in a professional environment. A few of my teammates told me about MAT and how it worked wonders for them and their injuries.

I was introduced to Jack through a friend, and out of desperation, I made an appointment as quickly as possible. When I first met him, I had already been injured for over a month. It may not seem long but it was an eternity for me. Jack was extremely knowledgeable and immediately went to work to discover the root of the injury I sustained. As he was testing for weaknesses I thought to myself,  is this really going to work? That question was answered soon after he found one of many weaknesses. When he found the first weakness, he squeezed my knee here and there for a few seconds. He then retested the same weakness and immediately I had strength! I couldn't believe it!!

After the first session, we talked about what to do and not to do until my next appointment the following week. I began to open up about how much these injuries have impacted myself. Soccer is my outlet and my team won the championship without me. Yes, he helped my injuries physically, but he also mentally picked me up. He gave me hope, positive feedback and I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I saw him for 4 sessions over a 6-week span when he told me I could return. It's been about a month since my last session and it's like I never skipped a beat. I couldn't believe with just 4 sessions I could be healed! I recommend MAT to all my clients, friends and teammates. Jack is great at what he does and I will continue to see him for tune-ups to help prevent injuries!

Stuart Gardner

Competitive cyclist and Fit Studio Assistant at Bike Barn

I am a competitive cyclist and so far I have used Jim Guillory & Muscle Activation of Houston on three occasions. I was skeptical about how much muscle activation could help me but found out it really works!

The first time I saw Jim was after a pretty hard crash during a race in April of 2015. About two weeks after the crash I was struggling to ride well, getting dropped in races I would normally expect to be competitive in and feeling very unstable when putting in hard efforts or lifting weights. I thought I would just recover with training and time but wasn’t seeing any improvement. I was recommended Jim by a friend and as a last resort booked a session with him. Within a 30 minute appointment he was able to identify and activate some pretty significant muscle groups. After the 30 minute session I felt an instant improvement, even getting into my truck was easier, and in the next week I saw significantly more improvement than the previous three weeks put together. Just a couple of weeks and 2 short follow up sessions later and I was back to training hard leading to some good results in races.

Unfortunately, just as I was starting to peak, I was caught up in another crash. I wasted no time in seeing Jim and again. He was able to activate several muscles. In both cases what surprised me was the amount to core muscles that were damaged. This time results were even quicker and once the road rash subsided I was able to start racing again. Largely due to this I had a strong finish to the 2015 season. I found that the quicker you get Muscle Activation work done after an event the more effective and faster the recovery is.

The third time I saw Jim was for different reasons. A couple of weeks ago I competed in Rouge Roubaix, a 100 mile race though hills, gravel road and broken pavement in Louisiana. It's about as hard as any amateur road race gets. A combination of pushing myself a little too hard and not getting my nutrition or hydration right led to cramping throughout the last 6 miles before my entire body completely failed in the final sprint resulting in cramping pretty much everywhere and a very slow final 100 yards. After seeing my post about this on Facebook Jim commented suggesting I should see him. 3 days later I saw him and he diagnosed I had pretty much shut down everything in my back, glutes and a lot of leg muscles. After 30 minutes of work from him I felt like a new person and less than a week later I was ready to resume training and racing. Had I not seen Jim or waited a couple of weeks I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have recovered fully and it would have taken months to be able to race well again.

If I crash again (Touch wood I don't) or suffer a major shutdown in the future the first thing I will do is book in with Jim, it cuts recovery time massively so you don’t waste months of training and can get back to doing what you love ASAP. I can’t recommend his services highly enough.

Tad Hughes

My  name is Tad Hughes and I am a professional master bicycle fitter. Previous to  meeting Jim I had struggled with a hip/Piriformis issue in my right hip for  over 18months without any resolve. I had traveled to multiple destinations  nationally to seek an answer for my dilemma which seemed to be slowly ending  the very idea of my cycling. I seemed to be trapped between the skeletal side  of care, and the muscular community, both of which helped but did not solve  the issue no matter how many forms of therapy I tried. MAT was able to  discover the triggers that were causing my issues and immediately impact them  as if the computer had been re-booted. With my body biomechanically  functioning properly, my power, comfort and better yet hope were restored.  Jim has worked on me in other areas to improve and restore range of motion  due to impacts and crashes. And aside from myself I rely on MAT/Jim to keep  my athlete/clients on track and to save their event or season due to how  quickly the MAT process yields results. 

Catherine Kruppa

I  started seeing Jim Guillory for muscle activation therapy about 8 years  ago.  I was having trouble with one of  my hips while running and someone suggested that I try it.  I was truly amazed after my first  treatment.  My hip felt better and  after a few weeks I ran my PR for a 5K at the Lunar Rendevous 5K in  July!!!  Not only did I PR in a 5K in  the heat of the summer, I beat my previous PR by over 20 seconds.  It was unbelievable.  The longer I worked with Jim the more I was able to catch muscle weakness that would have turned into injury but I was  able to prevent through MAT. Jim helped keep my body in check throughout my entire pregnancy and I ran up  until 2 weeks before I gave birth.  As a competitive runner, I have had my share of injuries and MAT has been the  single most important part of my recovery. 

I am absolutely a better, more efficient runner and am able to prevent most  injuries through MAT. 

When I am training for an event, I use MAT on pretty much a weekly basis.  It helps me to reach my peak  potential without going over the edge to injury.  In the off season, I have treatments when I start to feel something out of balance.

Leah MacDougal

Leah  MacDougal – I am in Institutional Sales for an Energy Investment Bank, I run full/half marathons, swim, lift weights, yoga, bike etc.

Amy Shaper

My name is Amy Shaper and am 42. I am very active and love to run, play tennis, etc.  Unfortunately, I had a knee injury about five years ago that  really slowed me down.  I tried multiple physical therapists and various  forms of therapy (including MAT with someone else) and it just still wasn’t  getting better.  Then I went to Jim and got immediate, successful  results!   After about a month of seeing Jim and receiving his MAT treatments, my pain and discomfort was completely gone.  I couldn’t believe it and am immensely grateful to him. Thank you  Jim so very, very much!!!

Bob and Suzanne Ryan

When  our son earned a full scholarship to Orlando Ballet School at age 9, we were  so excited for him and his future. That excitement soon faded to serious concern about whether he would ever reach his goal of being a professional dancer because only a few months into the program, he was plagued by constant injuries and pain. Once he was sidelined for six months after his pediatric orthopedist and physical therapists had done all they knew to do yet the pain  and injuries continued. Through hard work and determination, and with his  muscles and body compensating, he earned a scholarship to Houston Ballet. We hoped the injuries would stop with a new set of instructors at a new dance  studio, but the constant injuries continued, eventually leading to a stress fracture in the upper tibia. This looked like it might be the end of his dreams. He was told that unless he could remain injury free, no company could  count on him. It broke our hearts to see him start to believe that his dream was out of reach. He was only 15, yet he’d been waging a war with injuries  for 6 years! We tried Pilates, weight strengthening, nutritionists, chiropractic care, physical therapy, orthopedic specialists, and podiatrist  specialists to no avail. Fortunately, we found Jim, and his MAT work with our  son changed that bleak future. With regular MAT sessions, the pain  disappeared and the frequency of injuries diminished. Sometimes, our son would be the only healthy dancer because Jim had reactivated muscles that had  shut down while other dancers continued compensating and experienced torn and  pulled muscles and tendons and other injuries. Within six months of working  with Jim, our son’s dreams began coming true. He had been injury free and was offered a position with the pre-professional company and on his way. The  company knew they could count on him – and we know it happened because we could count on Jim!

Michael Ryan

After battling side-lining injuries for six years and having been told that if I wanted a major dance company to hire me, I had to remain injury-free so they knew they could count on me, I worried that all my work might have been for  nothing. Thank goodness I found Jim Guillory and MAT. With his knowledge, I was able to immediately significantly reduce my incidences of injuries and dance pain-free. Jim’s work is what saved my dance career and allowed me to receive my first dance contract!